This morning, I showed up 20 minutes early to my nieces' piano lessons. 

My newly-braced niece flashed her grill at me and said, "Did you bring us donuts?"
I had actually thought about stopping for donuts, but some Saturdays, my sister or brother-in-law surprises them with that treat and I didn't want to show up with more. 

So I asked what kind of donuts I should get, mentally recorded their orders, and headed back out the door to grab donuts. When I returned, we all settled around the table, ate and talked. It meant starting piano lessons late, but I didn't mind.

I like being the aunt that can go pick up donuts on a whim.

As we ate, the 5 year-old niece noticed my t-shirt.

"The Avengers are on your shirt!" 

And that launched a discussion about the Avengers with all the nieces--yes, nieces--in which we debated which Avenger was dreamiest (me: Iron Man. The 11 yr-old: Hawkeye. The 5 yr-old: Hulk. The 9 yr-old offered no opinion).

A good day to be an aunt. 


Jennie said...

You have some darn cute nieces! :D And they have the coolest Aunt ever! Thanks for being awesome...

Anonymous said...

Love it!


Deanne said...

They do have the coolest Aunt ever...thanks for stepping in while I'm living in Japan. bahaha!!! (I agree, though...you are the coolest Aunt.)